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How does it works

Have you ever wondered how some people get all the lucky deals, when it comes to travel? Everyone has heard about killer deals, but how does it work. 

First, it takes effort, our system uses a network of experts that spend all their time scouring the web looking for best deals available. We then review the deal to see if there is anything wrong or negative about the deal; for example; too many legs, too long of layovers, unreputable airlines, or too many add on costs, etc. We then pass on to our members the deals that we would take for ourselves.

Couldn’t anyone find these deals

There are some hidden secrets that the airlines do not want you know about.

They know when you visit their site and look at an itinerary, they also know that if you don’t buy it one day, you may return to see if the price has changed another day. What you don’t know is that they use those multiple site visits to make you feel that the flights are filled and as a result the price is going up as well. That price increase didn’t happen to everyone, just to you.

The airlines are in business to make money, not show you how to travel for less. If you do set out to search for these deals on your own, be prepared to spend a lot of time searching an endless number of sites. In the end, there is a price for time. Our guess is that your time is more valuable than the time you would put into finding these deals on your own.

Be Flexible

Without a doubt the best discount travel advice we can give you is to be flexible. For example; if you want to go someplace exotic and warm, don’t limit your destination to just Hawaii. There are thousands of beach destinations that may offer better deals and how cool would it be to say to your friends that just bragged about their Hawaii trip, that Hawaii is cool, but we just got back from Tahiti.

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We go to Hawaii every year, this year we got tickets for $199 each. I’ve never paid so little. Thanks Buzz Airfare


We were looking for a Alaska cruise and the best we thought we could get was around $650 pp. Then we saw an Alaska cruise on Buzz for $349, we ended up getting an out-side cabin for a little more, but a lot less than we found anywhere else